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journal 1976: memo book V


Aug 24 – [Aug 29]

Aug 24– day 66–TUESDAY– Took the bus into Boston and caught the Almeida Line to Woods Hole. I had arranged to meet Breon and Lynda at the Home Port Restaurant in Vineyard Haven at 6:00. When I arrived at Woods Hole I bought a ferry ticket and climbed on the waiting ferry, which I assumed was to Vineyard Haven from my conversation with the bus people. The voyage was short and pleasant with people feeding flying seagulls out of their hands with cheezit crackers. We arrived at a town I assumed was on Martha’s Vineyard, and I asked what town it was, was told it was Vineyard Haven, so prepared to get off when I saw Breon on the dock. I shouted Thought I’d get lost, he nodded. Upon disembarking, I learn that the town was Oak Bluffs, the Home Port was not in Vineyard Haven and they were not going to eat there that night, so all in all, the plans worked out perfectly, in principal yes. We looked around the town a little. Really interesting little houses, almost doll houses. Fascinating to imagine what it was like in 1860. We then drove on out to the Chappaquiddick ferry to the house they were sharing with Marc and Penny G., children Johnathan and Gillian, who was extremely shy and always closed her eye when she saw me paying attention to her, to make me disappear. We had a great dinner, played pitch.

Aug 25– day 67–WEDNESDAY– Went down to the dock, caught a few blue crabs, and Penny took me sailing on the Sunfish sailboat. Very nice first sailing voyage and I can see it’s fascinating. Later to the big beach to swim and build a sand city.

That evening went over to Martha’s Vineyard to eat at the Home Port in West Tisbury. Had lobster for the first time in my life. Good. But hardly worth the price, not much meat for the money.

Aug 26– day 68–THURSDAY– Another day at the beach. Hazy and foggy. No one there. Built an enormous sand city. Played poker till late. Called home, Alan not arrived yet.

Aug 27– day 69–FRIDAY– Rain heavy most of the day, stopped about 4:00. Friends of Marc and Penny arrived from Boston. Had very nice dinner, played poker after friends went to bed. I slept in the kids’ bunk house. Called home, Alan should be east Sept. 3.

Aug 28– day 70–SATURDAY– Everyone leaving. Breon & Lynda for Indiana, Penny to work the weekend in Boston (a registered nurse) and me for Wellesley. Penny offered to drive me to Wellesley.

When we got there, John & Vivian had come and gone. But key under the mat. Layout of Chappaquiddick house:  [sketch]

   Bunk              crows

   house              nest

       main house


Aug 29–  Ceremonial ride to the Atlantic. Started around 11:00 heading down 16 to 20. Saw a bike path along the Charles River, thought I’d try that. I was just planning to get to the Harbor the best way I could. I caught a native guide on the path, barefoot on his Peugeot, asked him how to get to the water and he said follow me, which I did, and there followed a wild urban ride, wrong way on one-way streets, the wrong side of streets, running red lights all through Boston and South Boston to Carson Beach. The trip is over.

Biking back, I met a couple coming down from Newfoundland. Already thinking of other trips, sad that it’s over. Total 3692 approx.

Das Goldene Horn

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