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poetry 1: from BARTLETT’S SONNETS

darwin felt there is grandeur in this view of life.

take time to contemplate the ensnarled earth:

a webwork of fauna and flora, constant strife,

a natural knock-down-dragout, a cyclic dearth


of resources, famine and death.  the planet spins

and orbits, wobbly compulsion, random forms

arise and duplicate- singular when it all begins-

evolve endless, complex, wondrous tangled norms,


boggled ramifications- narrow, terse

solutions or jury-rigged round and about

rube goldberg adaptations.  there appears after billions of years


a hominid, the glory of the universe:

hairy quadruped, arboreal, no doubt,

in habit, furnished with a tail and pointed ears.



© philip kimball 2009